Changes at The Workingman's Honest Bicycle Program

by grolby

Hello dear visitors. It's been a while since the front page of Standard Double received any attention, so it seems like a good spot to share news about Our Fine Podcast.

First of all, if you've downloaded and listened to our latest episode, you probably noticed the presence of a new voice on the show. That voice belongs to the inimitable Frances Morrison, who we previously had on as a guest for episodes 13 and 14. If you heard her on those episodes (and if you haven't, for Peugeot's sake, go listen to them!), you already know how smart and funny she is, so we're really excited to have Frances on board.

Second, you probably also noticed that we introduced the show as The Honest Bicycle Program. That's right, we have a new name! After consideration, we decided that we couldn't keep overlooking the gendered message of the original name. We chose "The Workingman's Honest Bicycle Program," as the name of our podcast because we wanted to convey that our show is by and for the working person cyclist and not just another pro racing recap show (though we do some of that, too, of course). We've always considered our audience to include anyone who loves bicycles, male or female, and we want to feel more confident that our chosen name reflects that. We don't want anyone to see the name of the show and think it isn't intended for them. Besides, while "The Workingman's Honest Bicycle Program" had a certain old-timey charm to it, it turned out to be surprisingly awkward to say and remember. And don't get me started on email and social media accounts. We think "The Honest Bicycle Program" has 99% of the old-timeyness and 1% of the aggravation.

We'll be effecting the transition to our new identity over time. We're starting with just the website, Twitter and Facebook accounts and will work on transitioning the iTunes feed in the near future. This shouldn't have any effect on subscribers, so just keep on doing what you're doing and everything will be fine.

We also hope/expect to have more news about the future of the show at some point over the coming months, but that will have to wait! In the meantime, please keep tuning in every other week for heady bike talk for the 99% cyclist.

If you have thoughts or questions to share with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can email the show at You can also find us on Twitter, @honestbicycle.

And if you like the show and want to help us out, the best way to do that is by leaving us a review on iTunes. It really makes a difference! You can rate the show and leave a review here: The Workingman's Honest Bicycle Program.

Thanks for listening!